Thank you for checking our list of fabulous crafters who show up each year to help make our Festival a success!  Please maintain our tradition of helping the community by checking out their craft and making purchases.  For many of these crafters, this is their business, and they need your support more than ever during these trying times.

Soy Candles by Forrest

Inquire about Forrest and his candles at

Bead n Wire Jewelry

Visit Sarah and her handmade jewelry at

Stuart Allen Pottery

Visit Stuart and his handmade pottery on Instagram at Stuart.Allen.Pottery

The Painted Vessel 

Visit Karen and her home decor products at

Birch Tree Lane Crafts

Visit Ann and her handcrafted doll clothes at

*Clayton’s Way Farm Soaps

Visit Sheryl and her bath soaps and accessories at

*Nantucket Jewels

Visit Susy and her fashion accessories at

*Marvin’s Mittens

Inquire about Lisa’s handmade mittens and sweaters at

(603) 494-6537

Kee Pon Truckin

Visit Jim and his handcrafted wooden trucks at

(603) 400-2930                                                               

*Unicorns, Dragons and Other Friends

Inquire about Lynn’s Pen n Ink designs at

Kitty’s Handcrafted Artisan Jewelry

Visit Kitty and her handcrafted jewelry at

Paws and Spas Boutique

Visit Emma and her dog and cat products at

Michelle’s Tranquilities 

Visit Michelle and her aromatherapy products at


Your Rustic Home

Visit Britney and her handcrafted decor at

Facebook: Your Rustic Home

Instagram: your_rustic_home


Susan’s Eggshell Jewelry

Inquire about Susan’s jewelry at


2 Crafty Characters

Inquire about Rhonda’s functional fabric items at

(603) 320-0519


Wild Poppy Soap Co.

Visit Julie and her artisan soaps at

*Whimsical Wonders

Inquire about Denise’s handmade dolls at

(603) 774-3146


Kathleen Krom Sewing and Fabric

Inquire about Kathleen’s products at 

(914) 204-0366





* Special thank you to the following crafters who kept up the tradition of giving to the community by to donating our local food pantry and fuel assistance program fundraising effort: Clayton’s Way Farm Soaps; Marvin’s Mittens; Mink Hill Quilting; Nantucket Jewels; Unicorns, Dragons and Other Friends; and Whimsical Wonders