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Please sign up to volunteer for Warner Fall Foliage Festival 2024!

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Celebrating Fall in Warner, NH

Join us for the 77th annual Warner Fall Foliage Festival on October 11th - 13th 2024, and help support local nonprofits, schools, and cultural activities.

About Us

For 77 years, the Warner Fall Foliage Festival has brought our community together, funding grants to support local non-profits and organizations.

Community Grants

Supporting local non-profits

and organizations in need

School Programs
Cultural Events

Preserving our heritage

Community Outreach

Helping community members

Youth Programs

Investing in the next generation

Environmental Initiatives

Protecting our natural resources

Our Projects

Our Services

Community Support

Providing financial aid, resources, and assistance to individuals and families in need

Education Programs

Offering educational opportunities and scholarships for students of all ages

Cultural Enrichment

Promoting arts, music, and cultural events in our community

Happy Visitors

The Warner Fall Foliage Festival is an amazing event that brings the community together. I had a great time!

I'm so grateful for the support the festival provides to local organizations. It's truly a wonderful community event.

Attending the festival is a must-do in the fall. The atmosphere is festive and the activities are enjoyable for all ages.