It is with tremendous disappointment, but complete confidence that it's the right thing to do, that the Board has decided to cancel the festival for the year of 2021. Our people and our community's health and safety has always been our top priority; it always will be.
The discussion was made late Monday evening, with the expectation of notifying crafters and vendors privately first on Tuesday, before posting it on to Facebook.
No one is happy about this situation. From our vendors and crafters who have been so patient and diligent, the board members who spent so many hours working to make this work and all of the guests who attend year after year helping to make WFFF an amazing tradition... We sincerely apologize.

-The Committee


VENDORS & CRAFTERS: please check your email for a letter from the board regarding your full refunds. It might be in a spam folder if you don't find it in your inbox!

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Donate directly to the cause. Since 1947, the Warner Fall Foliage Festival has brought our NH community together, both with our annual celebration and by using proceeds to help build and support local nonprofits, schools, and cultural activities. All proceeds will be directly donated to community members in need.